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Are you tired of relying on others to create cover art for you? Do you want a professional cover done but don't have the time? Not in the mood to open up Photoshop? Up Your Art Templates Volume 3 is a pack of 20 versatile cover art templates that can be used for any genre of music! This pack is also equipped with all NEW plastic wrap covers, stickers, and logos!


All you need is a phone or a desktop to use these! You can use these cover templates for mixtapes, album, single covers, beat videos and MORE! This pack includes ALL design elements that you see such as; background images, logos, plastic wraps, etc.


These templates are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE so that means you can move around and delete anything you want!


How To Use These Templates

Volume 3 is a PDF downloadable file that can be opened and used on any desktop, laptop, iphone or smart device. For a tutorial watch the video where the product images are!

Up Your Art Templates VOL.3

  • This file is a PDF and can be opened on a phone, desktop, ipad or smart device. 

Cover Art Templates