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[Your Very Own Online Store is Waiting...🚨]

Take The Same Steps I Took To Start A Free
Online Store, Fill It With In-Demand Products, Featuring Your Designs, Without Spending $0 On Inventory!


The Key To Making Income As Music Artist is Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue...Here's a CRUCIAL one.

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Steal My Exact Steps 

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I'm Chris Zino. Artist Development Coach & Online Store Creator for artists like; Velous (Producer of Kanye West "ALL DAY",  Lyke Myke, Jahlil beats, to name a few.


I've been creating online stores for music artists of all genres for over 10 years. (I know it's been way too long) I'm now spilling the beans on how easy it is to create a FREE online store without owning any inventory! Helping you start generating extra income as a music artist!

What's Inside The "Studio To Storefront" Playbook?..

What to do and what NOT to do if you want to having a thriving online store for your music career.

  • How to pick a FREE and PAID website platform that saves you money but delivers high value.

  • Connecting Printful to your store which is the key to spending ZERO dollars on inventory to start.

  • Creating your first product design in Canva which is FREE to use.

  • Understanding consumer psychology so you can understand what will and will NOT work.

  • Pricing your products for success. there's always a sweet spot to price your items so you can profit!

  • Picking products that sell on Printful because not every product will earn you profit.

  • Adding your designs to your products via Printful.

  • Optimizing your website to make sure you have a clean and professional-looking site for your fans.

  • Creating a Linktree for your store so you can send people to your music and your store at the same time.

  • Best methods for music artists to promote your new store because promoting is the source of life for your business."

Spend $0 on Inventory Using Printful
( Free To Use)



 It's known as print-on-demand.

With this approach, a third-party website handles your customers' orders, manages shipping, and takes care of all logistics. The only time you pay is when a customer orders and printful uses that make the  order! Money in your pocket first!

Your role?

Simply focus on creating captivating designs and promoting your products while everything else is seamlessly handled for you. Printful is also FREE to use.

This Playbook is for you if....


✅ If you are a dedicated music artist and are looking to turn your artistry into a passive income business.


✅ If you’ve been trying to figure out how to make more income through your brand and your content that you post.


✅ If you’ve hit a plateau and you're not seeing enough sales with streaming platforms.


✅ You are tired of scrolling through youtube tutorials on how to build a website and where to buy your garments for clothing. 


✅ If you want to test the waters and see how your brand performs selling physical products without buying any inventory!


I will cover everything you need to know in order to start and run a successful online store

This digital playbook is built on 10 Chapters that are designed to take from creation to publishing your online store in less than 24 hours!

Student Testimonials

Lyke Myke.gif

"I wasn't getting what I needed in other tutorials online and then came across  the Studio to Storefront Playbook and it helped me get my store running in less than 6 hours. Worth every penny...
- Lyke Myke | Music Artist | @iamlykemyke

But There's More.....

VALUE $1200]

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We will be granting you 120 Days access to the private "Studio to Storefront" facebook community with artists just like you building their sites together. If you have questions along your journey this is where you get them answered!



Grab our secret weapon when it comes to making designs! Up Your Merch VOL.2  has 15 merchandise templates are for your t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers and more. Say goodbye to hiring out! Fully compatible with your mobile, laptop or desktop device.

[VALUE $25]


If that wasn't enough, included is also our most popular merch collection pack Up Your Merch VOL.1! With over 15 designs templates for you to pick from you are sure to make a big impression with your merch! 





✅ Studio to Storefront

​​Digital Read Playbook:

  • How to pick the right Website Platform

  • Connecting Printful to Your Store

  • Creating Your First Product Design in Canva

  • Understanding Consumer Psychology

  • Pricing Your Products for Success

  • Picking Products That Sell on Printful

  • Adding Your Designs to Your Products

  • Optimizing Your Website

  • Creating a Linktree for Your Store

  • Best Methods for Music Artists To Promote Your New Store 

✅ 👉BONUS 1: Lifetime Access To Private Studio To Storefront Facebook Group.

  • Get your questions answered.

  • Exclusive Discounts on Future Products.

✅ 👉BONUS 2: Up Your Merch Canva Templates VOL.1

  • 15 Custom Made Merchandise Templates For Canva

  • Stickers included

  • Logos + Fonts Included

✅ 👉BONUS 3: Up Your Merch Canva Templates VOL.2

  • 15 Custom Made Merchandise Templates For Canva

  • Stickers included

  • Logos + Fonts Included

Original Price:


Limited Time Discount








This Is A One Time Offer!


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30 DAYS-min.webp

We are so confident this playbook will have a positive impact on your brand that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisified with your order we will 110% return your money back, just send us an email and we’ll issue you a full refund directly back to your credit card.

Student Testimonials

Lyke Myke.gif


Will I Need To Pay For The Website?

The playbook offers FREE and PAID options that we use to create online stores for music artists.

Is This Playbook Digital?

Yes! It's sent straight to your email!

What is the refund policy?

If you are unsastified for any reason just send us an email to thiisupperside@gmailcom and we will refund your money back.

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